Stressed Out? Watch A Video Of Newton’s Cradle Recreated With Incandescent Light Bulbs

<p>If the world&#8217;s getting to you, try watching this hypnotic installation to calm the hell down.</p>

Most of us are familiar with the office desktop toy Newton's cradle, named after Mr. Gravity himself, Sir Isaac Newton. It consists of a suspended row of spheres that swing back and forth. Lift one of the end spheres up, release, and watch as momentum and energy create a hypnotic swaying that, ideally, will lull you out of any work-induced rage.

Japanese art student Yasutoki Kariya has created a new version of Newton's cradle using light in his piece Asobi, which consists of 11 computer-programmed incandescent light bulbs that hang from strings and rock back and forth just like the original. But, in a welcome addition, as the bulbs hit one another a flicker of light darts across, replicating the momentum of the bulbs.

It’s the perfect visual to calm any stress, office or otherwise, and much better than punching your screen. And, to further augment the calming sensation of this kinetic sculpture, Experiments in Motion put it into hypnotic GIF form (below).

Aaaand relax.

[via Colossal]