Stop Smell Rose, Yes?

<p>Mark Essen&#8217;s latest video game for Adult Swim.</p>

As mid to late afternoon rolls by, instead of grabbing that habitual post 3 p.m. cup of coffee, check out creator Mark Essen’s newest 8-bit distraction, Turbo Turbo Turbo. His MS paint-created game plays like a Mario Cart from a bird’s eye view, but instead of spinning out of control when you hit someone, you’re given more turbo power to push ahead — unless you crash and are then brought to a screen where you’re coached by a boxing meathead that “speaks” much like we’d expect a caveman to (see title the of this post).

If you happen to loose a round, you’re end up in a bar where you gain back points by gulping down energy drinks and punching other patrons into a mess of colorful blood. But prolong getting both your thumbs cut off (if you loose two rounds), because you’re only allowed to play the game once before having to buy it! Should have at least chugged more of those free virtual energy drinks…