Squarepusher At The Creators Project: San Francisco 2012—Plus An Exclusive DJ Mix

<p>The debut of his new audiovisual show, and a retrace of his musical journey.</p>

Photo by Bryan Derballa

When we spoke to Squarepusher following his otherworldly audiovisual performance at The Creators Project: San Francisco 2012, he spoke of fearlessness—an appropriate sentiment to invoke after rocking a stage set emblazoned with millions of LEDs pumping forth psychotropic tidal waves of light. His latest experiment succeeded not only in mesmerizing his crowd, but also in topping the visual intensity of any other performance in his long career.

Squarepusher created his upcoming album Ufabulum in conjunction with this live visual component, matching the ethereal light show with songs that embody a self-professed move toward a new level of melody and aggression in his music. Reminiscent of the shift heard in his 2001 album Go Plastic, Squarepusher put away his bass guitar following several instrument-heavy releases and forged this newest product with a focus on programming, the side of his process that made him a massive influence on modern electronic music alongside his Warp labelmates.

In celebration of his new work and his performance at our San Francisco event, we’ve crafted a mix that revisits and blends Squarepusher’s past music, from bass-laden, overdriven jazz to steely, electronic jungle. Every song in the mix came out on or before Go Plastic, giving us a snapshot of his early work and the themes in his music that continue to evolve today.

Squarepusher by Abdullah Saeed on Mixcloud