Spray Painting With Light Onto An LED Wall With Water Light Graffiti

<p>This past summer, Antonin Fourneau and Digitalarti&#8217;s Artlab unveiled their interactive installation for the first time in Paris, France.</p>

This past summer, while France was liquefying under the scorching heat wave that swept the country, artist Antonin Fourneau unveiled his interactive instalaltion Water Light Graffiti, developed in close collaboration with Digitalarti Artlab. This luminous artwork consists of a surface embedded with thousands of LEDs that light up upon contact with water, thus allowing visitors to create beautiful light frescos with a little help from simple tools like water guns, spray cans, and wet paintbrushes.

More recently, as part of Nuit Blanche, crowds in Paris got a chance to marvel at this work with Fourneau, Painthouse collective, and Graffiti Research Lab using it to create luminescent burners.

“This structure is a new way for them to emancipate and to experiment. We also wish that we can help the public to stop being so self-conscious, because they’re aware that their artwork is going to disappear anyway,” says Fourneau about the project.

Check out the video above to discover their ephemeral graffiti and the secrets of this interactive installation. Below are a few pictures from the event.