Spotted in "Bang Bang Bang"

<p>Mark Ronson&#8217;s fancy feet and sleight of hand.</p>

Mark Ronson is no stranger to shoe collaborations (last year it was Gucci), but this time his kicks for Lacoste took the spotlight (or were they the spotlight?) in his single with The Business INTL. “Bang Bang Bang.”

We wonder if Ronson planned on the alligator logo glowing in the video, or if it’s strictly a paid plug for Lacoste, but either way it works. No word if Mark also endorses Nutella or Piaget watches…but notice how the timepiece on his wrist changes three times throughout the video in the slideshow above. That is some sleek subliminal messaging.

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Mark Ronson’s third album, Record Collection, will be available next month and in the words of MNDR, “No one ever does it like that anymore.”