Spike Jonze Directs Arcade Fire's Latest Music Video

<p>A trip through suburbia that mixes dark with light.</p>

Creator Spike Jonze, director of Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Where The Wild Things Are and a bunch of other awesome movies and music videos has directed the video for Arcade Fire’s latest track “The Suburbs.” So, jump on your BMX, get the gang together from the neighborhood and take a journey through all those suburban clichés of white-picket fences, manicured lawns, parking lot mischief and…er…armed military personnel roaming the streets?! Don’t quite remember that one, but the rest will take you back in this nostalgia-soaked homage, albeit with a dark twist, to those lazy afternoons spent haphazardly whiling away the days, when tomorrow was so far away it was on another planet and getting old was, like, for grown ups and stuff.