Spastic Dancing Microbe GIFs Star In Cokiyu's "With My Umbrella" Music Video

<p>Japanese animator Ohashi Takashi creates a dazzling music video for dreamy electronic aritst cokiyu.</p>

cokiyu - With My Umbrella from takashi ohashi on Vimeo.

As December 21st inevitably approaches, you might find yourself daydreaming more than usual, meditating on crazy ideas like the aftermath of a potential Nibiru cataclysm, or other post-apocalyptic visions. But regardless if humanity will actually enter a dramatic new area on that day, the everlasting energy of the universe will contintue to flow and evolve in mysterious ways.

This theme of evolution and a constantly repeating cycle is at the core of Japanese electronic musician cokiyu‘s sophomore album Your Thorn. (Film buffs may remember her voice on the soundtrack of Japanese thriller Confessions.) Luckily for those of us who don’t understand Japanese, the album comes with fastastic visuals to illustrate its point.

Album art for Your Thorn.

A while ago we looked at Japanese motion designer Ohashi Takashi‘s ACSII art-style hip-hop music video, and now the artist has created a pyschedlic visual world illustrating cokiyu’s album’s concept in two music videos: “With My Umbrella” (above) and “Your Thorn.”

In “With My Umbrella,” Takashi presents us with a microscopic fiesta of numerous spastastic creatures enjoying their unique existences. The artist says these “muscular lumps” were inspired by recapulation theory and the cell-like animations of Japanese artist Mirai Mizue.

Takashi turned these twitching little critters into GIFs on his Tumblr, and here are a few to fuel those daydreams of yours…

Images courtesy of Ohashi Takashi.