Sound Art Installation Features 14 Guitars Being Played At Once By A Computer

<p>Ruben Dhers&#8217; <i>Playa</i> creates ambient music from acoustic guitars, DC motors, and fabric.</p>

There are numerous ways you can play the guitar—you can strum it, pluck it, use your teeth, use the floor to get a unique smashing sound out of it, and you can also hang DC motors over the strings and spin fabric from them using a computer to create a harmonious fluttering sound.

This is what Ruben Dhers has done in his sound art installation Playa. Three hundred meters of cable are strung above the lifeless acoustic guitars creating a wire canopy above this sea of sound, while the fabric and motors do all the work by creating some friction.

Looking at those instruments lying on the ground does beg the question though, what’s the collective noun for a group of guitars? A Hendrix of guitars, maybe?

[via Prosthetic Knowledge]