Sosolimited Remixes the Creators Project!

<p>The masters of digital repurposing give a few Creators the treatment.</p>

After we launched The Creators Project, our friends at Sosolimited had yet another of their genius ideas: They wanted to take the profiles we did on Diplo, Phoenix, and Richie Hawtin and give them a full-fledged digital rejiggering. Knowing well what entrancing work they do, we were on board immediately. For those who are not as well versed in their catalog, however, we asked the gents for a quick synopsis of what it is they do—and what they had in mind for our stuff. Here’s what they said:

“Sosolimited create software that deconstructs and transforms live broadcast media. We use this software for audiovisual performances and permanent installations. For the launch of the Creators Project, Sosolimited created this studio remix of Creators reels. Through a series of graphic visualizations, we dissected the words and images of the Creators and built a surreal narrative in real time.”

Well, that is certainly one extremely tidy and understated way of putting what amounts to a feat of creative genius. We would only add a hearty thanks to Sosolimited and recommend that you watch this through in a single, uninterrupted sitting.