Snapshots Of The Elusive Invisible Bicycle In China

<p>Zhaohua Sen&#8217;s photo series depicts bike riders floating in mid air.</p>

Are you one of those people who takes your bicycle for granted? Well, this is what life would be like if those simple mechanical vehicles were suddenly taken from us. In fact, these just might be images of the exact moment they’re taken away from us, a split second before those of us unlucky enough to be riding them at the time hit the ground in a heap.

Photographer Zhaohua Sen captured these images of regular folk riding their bikes and artfully removed their bicycles using photo editing software, leaving in tact everything else, including the bicycles’ shadows, the only remaining clue that there was actually one there in the first place. The best part is the expressions of the riders, who appear to be just making their way to their destinations, oblivious to the fact that they’re floating in mid air.

[via My Modern Met]