Simian Mobile Disco On Creating Electronic Music For The Live Arena

Simian Mobile Disco reveal the details behind their live setup.

When it comes to electronic music the live experience is always going to be different from what happens inside a recording studio (whether that's someone's bedroom or a professional space). The live experience is much looser, open to improvisation and can be more experimental where artists, much like DJs, can interpret the crowds' mood and react accordingly.

Simian Mobile Disco know a thing or two about the live experience, having been recording and touring on and off over the last eight years. In that time the duo—James Ford and Jas Shaw—have released studio, remix, and live albums, along with producing for big names acts like Florence + the Machine and Peaches.

In the video above they talk about how they go about producing their live shows, explaining their live setup and the rig they use. Noting how each performance can be different and how they mix old with new, while also discussing how their live show's evolved and changed over the years.

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