Short Film Gives Us A Taste Of Flying Lotus' Upcoming Album Until The Quiet Comes

<p>A short film by Kahlil Joseph features a new FlyLo jam and a cameo appearance from the man himself.</p>

We’ve been getting a taste of Flying Lotus’ upcoming album Until The Quiet Comes in little doses for the past few weeks, and one that just emerged today features a beat that is a little more classic FlyLo than his incredible but unexpected collaboration with Erykah Badu, which appeared last month.

Actor and filmmaker Kahlil Joseph created this short film about murder in an LA neighborhood, and in it we witness what appears to be a victim’s bodily spirit leaving the scene and hopping into FlyLo’s hydraulics-equipped whip. And the song… the song!

The beat in the video is something akin to the warped hip-hop heard on FlyLo’s early records and his breakout release Los Angeles, with a swing beat that matches nicely with the murder victim’s “J DILLA CHANGED MY LIFE” T-shirt. Dang, I gotta get me one of those.