Shattered, Geometric Portraits Of People Forming And Fragmenting

<p>Andre Wee&#8217;s series blurs the line between creation and destruction, leaving subjects in limbo.</p>

Often when you look at a photograph of something being built or destroyed, the state of the subject is clear—a building, for example, is clearly either being constructed or demolished. Andre Wee‘s series Forming and Fragmenting uses altered images to blur this line, so that you can’t say if the person in the image is coming into existence, composing themselves from the ether, or disappearing bit by bit, line by line. Wee describes this unsure state of being with the biblical concept of limbo.

Wee created the images using Photoshop, Rhino, and Grasshopper, apparently the perfect tools for deconstructing photographs until they reach a satisfactory limbo-factor, some more far gone than others.

[via: My Modern Metropolis]