See What It's Like To Use Google Glass, Plus How To Get Your Hands On A Pair

<p>Google release a video showing the interface and features of their AR glasses.</p>

With all the talk of Google Glass and Sergey Brin parading them around on the subway and at fashion shows, it’d be nice to know exactly what we can expect to see when we’re wearing them on our faces. Well, now you can as Google have released a video called How It Feels [through Glass] (above) which shows what the world will look when you’re fashioning a pair.

The video gives a glimpse of the interface along with showing off the features which are voice-activated: letting you record video and take pics, send messages, search the web, do video chat, get directions, check the weather, and get instant translation using a display box in the corner of your right eye.

The company are now trialing the glasses on "bold, creative individuals ", giving US citizens the chance to get a pair in a sort of competition (or marketing ploy) where you apply using the Twitter hashtag #ifihadglass and tell the company what you’d use them for in 50 words or less (you still have to pay for them though if they pick you).

Here’s what some people have said so far:

“We'd love to make everyone an Explorer, but we're starting off a bit smaller. We're still in the early stages, and while we can't promise everything will be perfect, we can promise it will be exciting.” Google say about the application process. The project’s site also reveals that the glasses will come in different colors: Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, Sky.

The display itself doesn’t look too intrusive, so it won’t get in the way too much when you’re mountain climbing or leaping from a plane. And the fact that they’re showing this video and opening the glasses up to non-developers shows they’re finally gearing up to release them into the world.