See Through Cantoni & Crescenti’s Wall At The Creators Project: São Paulo 2012

<p>Rejane Cantoni and Leonardo Crescenti discuss the creation and execution of their latest interactive work.</p>

One of the most recurrent themes in artist duo Cantoni & Crescenti's work is what they learn from each one of their interactive installations. When they present new artworks to the public, they introduce unique interactions that spur different reactions from the public. That’s one of the most exciting things for them. "It's one thing to build the work in a lab, in the computer, in the workshop, while it’s not being rendered live yet," muses Leonardo Crescenti about Wall, a work first introduced at The Creators Project: São Paulo 2012.

As usual, Cantoni & Crescenti spent almost the entire event next to their work, learning from each viewer’s observations and interactions. They both believe their pieces have different phases: creation, execution, and interaction, which turn the initial conception into something completely different from what was first imagined. Watch the video above to learn more about how Wall was created.

Rejane and Leo's reflection on Wall.

For more on Cantoni & Crescenti, watch our video interview below.

Photos by Caiuá Franco.