See Iconic Movie Posters Recreated As GIFs

From Pulp Fiction to The Hunger Games, movie posters might look better in GIF form.

One of my favorite parts of seeing a movie in theatres is the post screening-daze when you're exiting the cinema and are stared down at by the vibrant posters promoting upcoming releases. Movie posters are arguably the best favorite film ephemera, as they often determine what stills, images, and design aesthetics become iconic and get instilled in the pop-culture canon. Therefore, this series of movie poster re-desings by one Imgur user are modernized poster gold, as they turn iconic posters into moving GIF recreations. 

From a bow and arrow-flexing Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, to camera peeking James Stewart in Rear Window, these GIFs are an awesome experiment that suggest that the future of movie posters could be enhanced by dancing animations. 

Take a look at some of these designs below, and let us know in the comments section which posters you'd like to see remixed with some kinetic parts and wobbling pop culture staples (our suggestions: Endless Summer and There Will Be Blood).

h/t Sploid


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