Sebastian Denz Shoots Skateboarding with 3-D Film

<p>Cross your eyes to see them come toward you.</p>

We’ve been pretty intrigued by the idea of 3-D photographs lately, what with MIA’s moving 3-D images a few months back and this being the end of the aughts and all.

So, we’ve been waiting for someone to lead us into this new dimension, and who better to have as a virtual tour guide than upcoming creator Sebastian Denz. For three years, Denz shot photos of Carhartt’s skateboarding team using an 8 × 10 inch large-format-stereo-apparatus that his friend and custom camera specialist Dr. Kurt Gilde made for him. Denz claims his images capture “the real hyper-reality” of the world of professional skateboarding, and that he is hoping “to bring up for discussion a hybrid space that is between the virtual and the real.”

We’re not going to butcher his photos by putting them in our small viewer above, so please go to skateboarding.com to see them full size in all their glory. We’ve read that the best way to look at 3-D photos is the crossed-eye technique, otherwise known as the way you used to look at those magic eye posters in the early 90s. These photos are just a teaser, as we’ll be featuring Denz’s full profile in a few weeks, when there will be loads more where this came from.