Sailing Into The Revolutionary Spotlight: Ocean Skyscraper SeaOrbiter

<p>Research ocean skyscraper to begin construction by the years end.</p>

As we speak, an underwater vortex into the next generation of ocean exploration is opening. Giving new meaning to the phrase "city by the sea," French architect Jacques Rougerie is currently constructing his marine skyscraper design SeaOrbiter, a massive submersible vessel.

A concept 12 years in the making, Rougerie's colossal ocean lab is expected to collect vast supplies of novel information on ocean life. Sustainable resources including wind and wave power will support this nearly 170-foot tall monster as it explores unchartered territories in the name of oceanography. So whether we accidentally awaken Cthulhu and trigger the apocalypse, or simply end up swapping lobster and caviar for some new, as yet undiscovered marine delight, SeaOrbiter has the capacity to seriously change things with its potential for discovery.