Roller Coasters And Theme Park Rides Magically Appear In The New York City Skyline

<p>Fernando Livschitz&#8217;s <i>New York Park</i> brings Coney Island to Manhattan.</p>

NEW YORK PARK from Black Sheep Films on Vimeo.

Black Sheep Films is at it again. After turning Buenos Aires into an Inception-style amusement park, they’ve set their sights on New York, turning the top of the Chrysler Building into a swing ride, while Times Square gets its own fairground attractions that mysteriously hang in midair, defying all known laws of physics.

But director Fernando Livschitz isn’t going to let a small thing like reality get in the way of his New York theme park, which transposes the thrills of the fairground to the Big Apple in a melding of the city with Coney Island’s Luna Park.

This manic tour of New York is given an added fun factor by Livschitz’s stylistic nods to time-lapse and tilt-shift techniques, making the viewing experience akin to being on one of those rides.