Robyn Invites You To Be The Beat Master

<p>Robyn&#8217;s interactive beat box.</p>

On Robyn’s new website, visitors are invited to not only remix this fall’s “We Dance To The Beat,” but also create a custom visual experience. Start off by using the arrows to browse the video and sound clips, which might take all afternoon as the 100+ clips (with audio sampled from the original song) feature visuals like talking and dancing parrots, walking converse shoes, awkward breakdancing, a moving escalator, snakes, rockets taking off, etc. After you narrow it down to four clips that form the best audio/visual combination, record and upload your remix to the streaming bank of user-generated remixes. Click here to check out the sounding board.

We like how Robyn turns every “distant mumble” from “bad kissers clicking teeth” and “the beat of an eviction next door” into an opportunity to get down. Though, the most rewarding part is hearing the Robyn fembot utter: “We dance to the beat of (your name),” upon announcing your finished remix.