Robots Imitate Flight Of A Bee To Create Room Sized Line Drawing

<p>Mattias Jones&#8217; <i>Mind Out</i> installation is so much easier than training a bee to draw.</p>

The field of robotics may use cutting edge technologies and thinking, but it still can’t quite leave behind the natural world. Imitating the organisms that walk, crawl, swim, and fly about the earth allows roboticists to utilize the near-perfect designs of Mother Nature in their work—after all, she’s been honing them for quite some time.

In this project by Mattias Jones for the Festival of the Mind in Sheffield, UK, he recruited the services of coders and mathematicians to create an installation called Mind Out which drew a large scale, room-covering image using robots which imitate the flight of a bee.

He explains it on his website: “The robots drew one line pattern solutions, the shortest line possible, derived from theories on how bees fly from flower to flower. It ended up covering three walls and the floor of a twenty foot cube in one unbroken line.” The result is a jagged, very intricate line drawing that creates a wonderful visual of the complex path of a bee in flight as it searches for pollen—something that would take a much longer time to do if you had to train a bee to hold a pencil.

[via CreateDigitalMotion]