Robots Can Now Beat Us at Rock-Paper-Scissors

<p>And we&#8217;re not talking best out of three. Try 100% of the time.</p>

Computers can already beat us at chess and Jeopardy, so this one seems a little behind the curve. If robots couldn't beat us in a mindless game of rock-paper-scissors by now, I don't think we'd have to worry much about that whole singularity thing.

So, the thing here is that the robot senses the shape your hand is forming before it forms, calculates the hand shape that will beat it, and adjusts its robo-fingers accordingly. It's basically a souped-up motion sensor with an ability tailor-made to impress Reddit. The going tagline is "Rock-paper-scissors Robot with 100% winning rate," which is so perfectly worded for blowing up the Internet that it's no surprise the video already has over a million views.

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[via: IEEE Spectrum]