Robotic Rings Turn Your Hand Into An Interactive Face

<p>Express yourself through the medium of robotic jewelery.</p>

If you’ve always enjoyed wearing jewelery but wondered why it can’t mimic eye and mouth movements like a disembodied Furby, then Japan has come to your rescue with rings that turn your fingers into a robotic face. From researchers at Keio University, which seems to be the place to be if you want to try your hand at wacky inventions, come these interactive robotic rings.

“When you wear this robot on your hand, it forms a medium for communication using the hand”, explains Masayasu Ogata. He goes on to say it will enhance the animal-like ways people use their hands and hopes it will help wearable robots progress beyond the research stage. The robot’s blinking eyes and mouth are controlled using a micro-controller and a PC.

You might not be busting these for style purposes but they could be fun for kids—or if you’re just not feeling in the mood to talk to anyone, you could express yourself via the medium of blinking robot eyes. Nothing strange in that, nothing at all.