Robotic Lotus Flower Dome Turns House Of God Into A "Techno-Church"

<p>Studio Roosegaarde&#8217;s <i>Lotus Dome</i> is made from hundreds of &#8220;smart&#8221; flowers that respond to human presence.</p>

LOTUS DOME hundreds of high-tech flowers by Studio Roosegaarde from Daan Roosegaarde on Vimeo.

“Just how high tech can a flower get?” is probably a question you’re asking yourself all the time—and the answer is they can get pretty damn high tech, like these ultra-light responsive aluminium flowers from Studio Roosegaarde, who previously turned a public square into a digital playground.

Lotus Dome is made of hundreds of robotic flowers that react to visitors, opening when they’re near. Called a “living dome” not only do its metallic petals fold open to welcome visitors but it also mimics breathing, changing its mood as more people interact with it. It also radiates light at them creating a spooky effect in the church as the light follows them around.

The robo-lotus dome was exhibited in a Renaissance-era church, the Sainte Marie Madeleine, in Lille, France, augmenting the building with its deep bass sound and flickering shadows, turning it into what Studio Roosegaarde calls a “Techno-Church”.

Photos: Studio Roosegaarde