Reed + Rader Return With Diabolical, 3D Fashion GIFs

Model, model, toil and trouble.

The Creators Project loves innovative fashion films and we love the forward-thinking nature of videogames, so when the two cross paths we are on nerdy-chic cloud nine (or, cloud 8-bit). 

Artists Reed + Rader have been under our scope for a while now, first with the duo's stuffed animal GIFs to Brave New World, the first ever fashion film to implement the Unreal game engine. 

The Unreal Engine is typically used by game developers, but Reed + Rader use it to create any 3D environment imaginable (with help from Autodesk Maya) before they plop models smack in the middle of the digital bits and byte. If David LaChapelle and Dis Magazine teamed up, you might get something like the fashion work by this playfully whipsmart team. 

Their most recent work, Halloween, is a fashion story spread over the series of GIF-ified, 3D sets. We see Vampiric babes, nefarious grave diggers with flickering torches, and other women at haunted locales. Model, model, toil and trouble. 

And to rewind, check out the pair's Unreal-enhanced fashion film, Brave New World.