Reed + Rader Turn A Fashion Spread Into A Moving Flower Utopia

"Flowers," the new video from the digital photo studio immerses a model into a florid CGI haven.

A screenshot from Flowers, the new fashion art film from Reed + Rader

We're getting closer every day now: Flowers, the new 3D video from fashion video studio/pizza maestros and GIF-experts, Reed + Rader, is the type of hyper-futuristic fashion video that makes us see the Singularity on the horizon. 

In the roughly ninety-second video, the camera pans around 3D captures of model Sasha Dashchenko, who has been composited into computer-generated environments, creating the overall impression of a woman fully immersed in another world; a flower Matrix, if you will. We won't give away exactly how photographers Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader so seamlessly meshed the model with her imaginary backdrops, but we'll give you a hint: it helps to know how to keep your camera(s) level.

Check out Reed + Rader's exquisite 3D fashion piece, Flowers, below, and with any luck, Reed + Rader will release it as into GIF gold in the near future. 

Check out more work from Reed + Rader on their website, and let us know what you think of the 3D fashion video in the comments below!

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