Rediscover The Forgotten Origins Of The Internet's Most Infectious Memes

<p>You might remember some of these from when you were aimlessly cruising the internet.</p>

What is it about a given meme that makes it catch on, blow up, and suddenly become a part of the online vernacular? Often it’s the oddest moment from a film or TV show that end up gracing a plethora of random images in those now-familiar white block letters, and before long it’s hard to remember where it even originated from. That’s when a little video like this comes in mighty handy.

With this compilation of meme origins, you’ll find yourself letting out several “Oh yeaaah’s” (the memory jog kind, not the Kool-Aid kind), and for several of them you’ll be asking yourself, “How the hell did that become a meme?” Sites like Know Your Meme perpetuate memes and archive them, giving us a running tally of the crazy phrases and images we become addicted to for future generations to find and subsequently wonder what was wrong with us. But that’s just the nature of memes, and the sooner we allow their partial sense take over, the happier we’ll be.

Below are a few of the memes that originated from the sources in the video above.

[via: Laughing Squid]