Recreate A Mini Version of Muti Randolph's Tube [Instructables How-To]

<p>Whether you can walk through it or not, this infinity tube will capture your gaze at first glance.</p>

Inspired by the way he feels when undertaking the ultimate surfing maneuver of “tube riding,” or riding literally inside the wave as it’s breaking, Muti Randolph created a cylindrical metal structure, lined with LEDs and synched with music, called Tube for our Creators Project São Paulo event last summer. Muti’s structure utilized LED tubes, metal, mirrors, and an infinite setup of possible color and music combinations (as the music was rigged to generate in real time). We can’t provide the secret to Muti’s passion for surfing (though you can read an interview with him here), or begin to break down his creative process, but we have found an Instructable that simulates his rolling wave in a compact 8 by 8 inch format.

To create this LED infinity mirror, the author has generously provided a kit that includes almost everything you need to for the project, including mirrors, parts to build the frames, LEDs, LED controller kit, DC Jack, power supply, and wire. All you’ll need to provide is some spray paint and a few tools.

The first step is gluing the pieces together to form the outer frame and spray-painting it black. Note that you will have to drill all the holes needed for the LEDs in the inner walls unless you have bought the aforementioned kit. Then you’re ready to attach the placement holders to the inner walls that will hold the regular and infinity mirror (mirror that provides the depth) in place, as seen in the diagram below.

Next you will insert the LEDs, fixed with glue, into all four inner walls from the painted side, making sure all the negative nodes (cathodes) are facing the same sides. Repeat on all four sides and then using jumper wire, solder the positive nodes (anodes) together. The cathodes will not be attached to anything (yet).

The hardest part will be wiring the LEDs with the controller and wiring the infinity mirror with the LED Chase Driver. Carefully read the full Instructables How-To before proceeding to the next step.

Next you start assembling the final product. Lay down the outer frame, visible side facing down, and attach the infinity mirror with the shiny side facing up. Next, glue the inner walls to all four sides of the infinity mirror and let dry. Then you will attach four outer walls (to hide all the hardware) and paint the sides black to match the outside frame. Then you will wire the power supply. Several ways to do this are outlined in Step 8.

The final steps are placing and attaching the regular mirror facing in towards the front frame and rigging together an optional hanging bracket if you’d like to hang your creation. Now you can step back and get transported through your own personal LED wave.

Visit the Instructables How-To for further instruction, more detailed photographs, and tips on where to buy materials.