Reality And Fiction Blur In This Video Game-Rich Music Video

<p>An insane series of events pummel the viewer in this video for Xilent&#8217;s track &#8220;Boss Wave&#8221;.</p>

Pixelated chaos unfolds in this music video for Xilent’s track “Boss Wave,” which will impress the geek inside us all. Not only do we get shots of retro computer equipment, but we see a computer game featuring an anime-style human-controlled robot come to life to wreak carnage on the streets. Animators Kristofer Ström, Erik Buchholtz, and Mikael Pettersén brought the insane series of events to life using a variety of software, from Sketchbook Pro to Photoshop and After Effects.

The chiptune style leanings of the music perfectly accompanies images that flit between video game sequences and the physical world—a world that oozes the blocky aesthetic of a video game environment, merging CGI and live action.

Experiencing what many a gamer does, our plucky hero mixes reality and fiction as he attempts to save humanity from flying bad guys who are fond of taking people out with headshots. We’ve all done it—too many hours on the latest Grand Theft Auto and a walk to the local shop finds you fighting the urge to steal a car and go on a rampage.

And just like the blurring of reality and fiction that too many hours of play can cause, it’s hard to decipher just where the action is taking place in this video. Is it all happening inside the video game? Or in reality? Or in the guy’s head?

[via Vimeo]