Ray Lei Wants To Be A Romantic Guy

<p>And eats candy ears before kissing?!</p>

Although we posted old-school animator Ray Lei’s short film This is Love back in June, we just found out it won an award for Best Narrative Short at the Ottawa Animation Festival over the weekend and figured a congratulatory revisit was in order.

Along with Lei’s kaleidoscopic and pattern-heavy aesthetic, the real charm of this video comes across through the dialogue. In short: Traveling is stressful; Paris is for lovers; dancing eases tension; bared toes don’t matter between good friends; and Lei has a thing for crashing (planes and bodies). The festival’s reasoning for awarding this particular film was, "Because we loved it," but we think you can do a better job describing why you liked it in the comments below. At least help us decipher the mystery of the fluctuating Pinocchio nose!