Rapper Yung Jake Teaches Us How To Clear Our Emotional Cache With "Unfollow"

Our meta all-text interview with the master of social media relationships.

Back in olden times (c. 2001AD), if you wanted to cut ties with that cute-but-annoying hook-up, all you needed to do was cross out the phone number in your address book. Nowadays, if your hook-up turns out to be a little ratchet or you hack their iPhone passcode and find out they’ve been active on Tinder, you need to clear not only your emotional caché, but cover all your digital bases too.

Yung Jake, aka the mastermind behind interactive music video e.mbed.de/d, is a fetching young artist and rapper, so it’s safe to assume he has a couple groupies on his jock. Which means he’s had to deal on a real level with the technological encroachment of spurned exes. His new video, “Unfollow,” sees Jake tackling digital separation, and the necessity of not seeing someone move on, while showing you’re strong and independent on your own.

Courtesy of Yung Jake.

“Unfollow” is only Yung Jake’s third song after “Datamosh” and “E.m-bed.de/d,” the latter of which—a browser-bending HTML5 web experience—was nominated for an MTV O Music Award for Best Interactive Music Video. But his videos have so much fire, that Yung Jake has fans chomping at the 8-bit in anticipation. We talked to Yung Jake over text message (the only way he’ll do an interview) about what inspired “Unfollow.”

While we're eagerly await "Unfollow" to drop, check out Yung Jake's "Datamosh" below:

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