Random Walks Draws Out The Density Of Data

<p>This multi-disciplinary studio demystifies complex data by combining media art, design and technology.</p>

Though we’re literally swimming in data these days, data is often still perceived as astringent and intimidating, shrouded in statistics, probabilities, and in general, a daunting inscrutability. The recent rise to prominence of the art of data visualization and infographics certainly helps temper that relationship a bit, and nobody tackles figures, facts and calculations quite like Korean design group Random Walks, who are striving to visualize data in order to change the way people perceive information. Culling various frameworks of facts, this multi-disciplinary data visualization studio renders complex information into aesthetically pleasing and digestible forms that serve practical functions.

Formed and founded by Sey Min in 2008, the five-person team seamlessly connects the social and urban spheres through the combination of media art, design and technology. As each contributing member equally shares his or her own perspective, expertise and experience, Random Walks specializes in reframing the way we understand the effect of our actions on our immediate environments, and our social realities.

From visually organizing urban water consumption to creating a real-time interactive graphics system of the female-to-male ratio in Seoul's club scene, this quintet restructures and simplifies information by turning it into art. Thus, by elucidating and turning muddled materials into understandable graphics, Random Walks gives an attractive shape to the data within our daily lives.