Fotonica Is the Best Flash Game You Haven't Played...Yet

<p>Say goodbye to the rest of your afternoon.</p>

Jul 28 2011, 3:02pm

Holy father of first-person computer gaming, Italian game design team Santa Ragione just released the full version of their lo-fi, hi-fun flash runner, Fotonica. Best of all, it’s a “pay what you want” download available on their site!

The game features an incredibly intuitive single-button playing system (jokes!) that allows you to run, run faster, jump up, and land, as well as five strikingly beautiful vector/wireframe levels, each with their own respective themes and strategies. While the duotone graphics and “one button interface” err on the simpler side of things (even for a Flash game), it’s the smoothness, pacing, and immersive nature of full-screened first person that makes Fotonica a veritable black hole to lose yourself in. The game even features a sixth, procedurally generated level that theoretically won’t end until you do, which, let me just say, is perfect for in-office productivity (sorry, Vice!).

If the trailer doesn’t have you convinced, download Fotonica and kick it around. If you enjoy it, feel free to donate the recommended $1.75. Or you can just pass the link on to a friend—their boss will be really glad you did.

Santa Ragione is a ‘micro-game design’ team based in Milan.