Projection Mapping Transforms A Studio Into A Train, A Park, A Boat, The Deep Sea, And Outer Space

<p>The video for Willow&#8217;s track &#8220;Sweater&#8221; features a plethora of environments without leaving a studio.</p>

Technology like Star Trek’s holodeck was pure fiction a decade ago, but now, with advances in projection mapping technology, it might only be another decade before we have lo-fi versions of holodecks in our homes. At least, we better or I’m going to sit down and close my eyes and hold my breath until we do.

If you’re skeptical, then take a look at Marshmallow Laser Feast‘s Realtime Projection Mapping project, created for the PlayStation 3. A guy’s mock living room is transformed into a Tron-like neon environment, shows him cast adrift at sea, and then has him flying above skyscrapers as a robot using real-time projection mapping, all taking place under one roof in one room.

In a similar vein, this video for the Belgian band Willow’s track “Sweater,” directed by Filip Sterckx, takes our protagonist on a journey without actually leaving the room. Shot in a studio with three projectors aimed at the floor and two walls, we follow the singer as he wakes from his bed, takes a walk down some escalators, rides a train, walks in the park, sails a boat, goes deep sea diving, and journeys to space—all without leaving the comfort of the studio.

And it’s just a matter of time before someone comes up with an easy-to-use home entertainment version of this tech so we can all traverse the world and cosmos from the comfort of our homes, which means we’ll have even paler skin than we have already. Can’t wait.

[via Reddit]