Projection Mapping Theatrics

<p>1024 Architecture&#8217;s audio-visual performance <i>Euphorie</i>.</p>

Upcoming creators François Wunschel and Pier Schneider of studio 1024 Architecture’s work “focuses on the interaction between body, space, sound, visual, low-tech and hi-tech, art and architecture.” They are currently touring a piece called Euphorie, which is a 40 minute audio-visual live theatrical performance that uses scripts from openFrameworks, the founder of which we recently interviewed. It’s performed by François Wunschel and Fernando Favier, and produced by 1024 Architecture and ARCADI. The video above is taken from a performance of the piece at La Loge in Paris. It shows shards of light splintering across the stage like a cosmic ballet of neon flashes. The unusual sound is produced by a string stretched over a tube which is then plugged into a guitar amp. The video below is of the same show, this time featuring a morphing gridded projection.