Projected Nostalgia: The Making-of Neon Indian's "Polish Girl"

<p>Tim Nackashi discusses the cyber-punk influenced, effect heavy video.</p>

Earlier this fall, The Studio collaborated with Alan Palomo of Neon Indian on the music video for “Polish Girl,” the debut track off their sophomore album Era Extraña. We recruited self-made director Tim Nackashi to direct the video because of his flair for using experimental technologies like projection mapping, mashed-up with old-school effects like stop-motion animation, 70s guitar effect pedals and vintage video filters.

In our behind-the-scenes video, Nackashi talks about how he and Paloma drew inspiration for the look and feel of the video from seminal dystopian sci-fi flicks like Repo Man, Blade Runner and Phantom of the Paradise, making the cyber-influenced, futuristic, Gotham-esque world the backdrop for a sort of disconnected romance.

Nackashi kept the visuals graphic and “wonderfully rough,” working with a visual team from Dot & Effects to implement scanning and long-exposure light painting. The result is a balanced blend of old effects with new ideas, which seems to be Nackashi’s specialty.

The Florida native who looks to filmmakers like Michel Gondry, Terrence Malik and Errol Morris fell into directing by learning from trial and error. That’s perhaps why he’s always up for trying new ways of telling stories, and why bands like OK Go, TV On The Radio, Maroon 5 and Death Cab For Cutie look to him for his discernible edge.

See how the idea became reality our behind-the-scenes documentary above, and watch how the story unfolded below.