Presenting An Exploration Of The “Spatial And Timeless” In GIFs

Online gallery ANI GIF presents the work of Eva Papamargariti in all its flickering brilliance.

ANI GIF is an online gallery curated by Sarah Caluag & Daniel Rehn, two artists-researchers and curators based in LA. Since 2011 the team has brought together the best creative projects in animated GIF format, showcasing artists such as Kim Asendorf, Jeff Donaldsonand Yoshi Sodeoka.

Using their creativity, and adapting their aesthetic to the GIF format, they present a series of dynamic visuals--each more impressive than the other.

In their latest ANI GIF's edition, it's Eva Papamargariti who caught the attention of Caluag and Rehn. “We invited Eva to exhibit at ANI GIF because her vision is brilliant: the hyper-chromatic palette, the sharp contrast between cybernetics and antiquities, and the obsession with kinetics and fluidity,” they said. 

Greek digital media artist Eva Papamargariti will show And here where we are now? a series of seven animated sculptures directly inspired by Beckett's play, Waiting for Godot. “A funny thing is that I consider this particular play to be weirdly connected with the structure of the Graphic Interchange Format--in the core of it we can also see an endless repetition/loop,” she told us.

And here where we are now?, is an exploration of “spatial and timeless” paradoxical events. Using 3D Studio Max and Photoshop, the  structures she creates are a fusion of layers, architectural elements, industrial and natural fragments, objects, and numbers that generate stunning dynamic sculptures.

But the exploration does not limit itself to watching the structures evolve independently and autonomously. The viewer can also be part of this virtual environment. By clicking on the moving structure, the piece opens new windows: static detailed alternative views shown in color. The visual effect is interesting because of the dichotomy between the global perception of the structure as a whole, and the different focus on the elements that are part of the structure.   

"In terms of design, I was inspired by totem structures which sometimes can be seen in a dual way, as space but also as independent objects," she told us. "The layering of these formations and the seemingly odd blending of their elements was something really intriguing for me. They contain order and disorder at the same time." 

As of today, ANI GIF invites you to come and explore the fascinating universe of Papamargariti:


All images courtesy of Eva Papamargariti and ANI GIF.