Pogo Turns Spielberg's AI Into A Club-Worthy Dance Jam

<p>It&#8217;s better than the actual movie.</p>

The man whose music could make robots cry, Pogo (aka Nick Bertke), is doing just that with his latest remix—a whimsical, whispering take on Spielberg’s Kubrick movie, AI: Artificial Intelligence. And it’s a beauty, quite probably what electric sheep dreams are made of.

Pogo’s take on the mashup is unique, taking films and remixing their components into intricate audiovisual choral harmonies, giving them a fairy tale, dreamy quality, which is why his talents are a perfect fit for classic Disney cartoons and movies. They capture a kind of naivete without being sentimental. It’s… well, it’s just beautiful, man.

And complimenting his latest remix is the short YouTube interview (below) and YouTube playlist, which he’s just released.

…having grown up with musicals as a child, I think that’s definitely helped sprout my passion for sound and my passion for story through sound…trying to narrow a film down to a series of sounds, trying to capture its element, in the form of music."