Pogo Remixes Another Animated Film Into A Solid Track

<p>This time one the chopping block: <i>Monsters Inc.</i></p>

After remixing Spielberg, The Fresh Prince, countless Disney films, and the world at large, Australian producer Pogo still hasn’t run out of the childlike wonderment he fills each of his projects with. He’s still overflowing with it, and in fact we’ve seen his productions get tighter and cleaner over the last few months. His newest treatment, a remix of Monsters Inc., may be his highest quality cartoon mashup to date.

As per the style he’s defined for himself, “Boo Bass” draws on random phrases uttered by characters from the animated film which are then vocoded and compiled into a fanciful melody. The end product is incredibly colorful and upbeat. Even if you’re the biggest grouch in the world, you have to smile a little at Mike Wazowski’s frantic arms flailing.

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