Play Rock Band With The Kinect?

<p>Er, not quite&#8230; but this innovative new KinectBand hack looks pretty fun nonetheless.</p>

Sure, that new Fruit Ninja game for the Kinect is pretty amazing, but so far, some of the most interesting uses of the Kinect we’ve seen have come from user hacks. Whether it’s using the gesture-control interface for virtual graffiti, to produce music videos, or try on virtual clothes, it seems that the interaction design community is really the one exploring the creative potential of this new tool.

The most recent in this line of inspiring hacks comes from Brazilian designer and developer Paulo Barcelos, who created an audio game prototype called the KinectBand. The application recognizes gestures from multiple users to simulate playing instruments. So if you’ve ever wanted to wail on an air guitar and have your flailing arm movements be converted into actual sound, we suggest heading over to his GitHub page and downloading the open source code right away.

Remember though, this is just an early prototype, so it’s still a bit rough around the edges. If you’ve got the chops, you can continue improving the code to refine the playability.