Pixelstick Powers The Next Generation Of Light Painting

The chance to make rainbow GIFs and light graffiti has never been this easy

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Part light-painting, part rhythmic gymnastics, Pixelstick is one of the cooler Kickstarter campaigns we've come across in a minute. 

The device, made by Brooklyn-based BitBanger Labs, incorporates the process of taking long exposure shot with a DSLR camera and makes it easier by embedding 198 full color RGB LEDs inside an aluminum housing pole. The device reads images from an SD card and displays them so that each LED corresponds to a single pixel in the image. 

Pixelstick can read images created in Photoshop, allowing the user to create a crazy array of ephemeral images that are seemingly suspended in mid-air, meaning light painting can be time-lapsed like never before. Take, for example, this epic light graffiti:

What would you make with this nifty tool? The possibilities for night shooting (and maybe rhythmic gymnastics?) have been expanded exponentially... if, of course, the creators reach their Kickstarter goal. They're getting close. 

Hat tip to This Is Colossal!