Photomosaics Capture The Imagery Of Wong Kar-wai's Films

<p>Experience the director&#8217;s colorful films in under a minute.</p>

Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai‘s films are known for highly stylized, colorful imagery that often illustrates the romantic entanglements of lovelorn characters. But if that brief description makes you cringe because you’d never watch a romantic drama voluntarily, there’s now a way to experience Kar-wai’s films without having to sit through them.

Benjamin Wimmer created these photomosaics in anticipation of Kar-wai’s upcoming film The Grandmasters. By showing only every 60th frame consecutively, the resulting abstract images become a sort of visual summary of each film.

Stemming from Wimmer’s belief that Wong Kar-wai’s movies are meant to be experienced rather than discussed or analyzed, these images are arranged to effectively draw the viewer into the waves of emotionality conveyed through the director’s vivid use of color.

As Tears Go By, 1988.

Day Of Beijing Wild, 1990.

Ashes Of Time, 1994.

Chungking Express, 1994.

Fallen Angels, 1995.

Happy Together, 1997.

In The Mood For Love, 2000.

2046, 2004.

My Blueberry Nights, 2007.

Ashes Of Time Redux, 2008.

[photos: Benjamin Wimmer}