Turning Architecture Kaleidoscopic

Cory Stevens' series <i>Deconstructed. Reimagined.</i> deconstructs buildings into abstract fractals.

Cory Stevens is a Munich-based photographer whose images reveal architecture in a very different light. He distorts buildings so much they don't even look like architecture, more like strange jewels or bizarre globes. In his series Deconstructed. Reimagined., Stevens takes pictures of various components of various buildings, their interiors and exteriors, and then digitally reconstructs them into kaleidoscopic contortions.

Some of them come across as Inception-style distortions, as the facade is replicated and stacked together, others are overlapped and look like microscopic forms or fractals. If you look closely you can sometimes make out the familiar forms of towers, windows, and turrets—but by recontextualizing the buildings' forms and shapes, their complexities and intricacies are heightened to points of abstraction. 

You can check out some of his designs below.

Images: © Cory Stevens

[via Beautiful Decay]