Photographer Captures Fireworks' Bursts And Blooms With Long-Exposure Technique

<p>David Johnson uses a simple technique that makes these firework photos absolutely mind-blowing.</p>

The saying goes that the Fourth of July, aka the biggest day/night/weekend/ for fireworks in the US, marks the official halfway point of summer. Since it’s now the end of August (and almost time to start mourning summer’s passing), you may be asking yourself why the hell we’re featuring firework photographs… but truth be told, these are special.

As if capturing fireworks’ bursts and blooms wasn’t hard enough, photographer David Johnson got a bit crafty when shooting the International Fireworks Show earlier this month. He took a series of one-second long, long-exposure photographs that he modified by refocusing his camera after he heard an explosion.

As you can see, this technique resulted in conical explosion portraits that resemble flowers or sea creatures in the sky.

See the full series here.

[via Colossal]