Photo Series Of Floating Cars Shows What We Wish 21st Century Vehicles Looked Like

<p>Renaud Marion&#8217;s <i>Air Drive</i> photographs expose the beautiful designs of some classic motors.</p>

As a symbol of the future, the hovering car is hard to beat—at least it is when it comes to Hollywood. But even though we’re living in futuristic times with talk of mining asteroids and people on the subway wearing glasses that can augment their vision, there’s still no sign of cars that levitate above the ground. * sigh *

Ah well, we’ll have to make do with photographer Renaud Marion’s series Air Drive, which imagines what some classic cars—the Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Camaro—might look like if they lost the wheels and started floating magically in the air instead. Safe to say they look great, allowing their timeless designs to shine even more.

[via DVICE]