Photo Manipulations Transform Everyday Objects Into Surreal Devices

Giuseppe Colarusso's <i>Improbabilità</i> playfully reinterpret an object's functionality.

Take a quick glance at the objects below and you'll notice their familiarity, but you'll also notice that something is not right. A candle made from ice? No, it might look pretty but it's just not going to work. In a series of images called Improbabilità artist Giuseppe Colarusso takes everyday objects and gives them a little twist, playing with their appearance and function.

So a table tennis bat has a ping-pong ball-shaped hole in it, a hammer comes attached with a power cord, a computer keyboard's keys feature hieroglyphics instead of letters, and we get a pair of sunglasses thatb only a cyclops could love.

This collection of photo manipulations cleverly change the objects so they're either completely reinvented or rendered utterly useless, while exploring our relationship to these ubiquitous devices in a playful and surreal way. 

[via Beyond the Beyond]

Images courtesy of Giuseppe Colarusso