Philip Karlberg Paints Celebrity Portraits With Wooden Pins And Sunglasses

<p>Can you recognize the faces in his <i>Pin Art</i> series?</p>

What is it that makes a celebrity recognizable? Artist Philip Karlberg shows us that all it takes is a pointillist representation to invoke the familiarity of a famous face. In his series Pin Art for Plaza Magazine, Karlberg draws the faces of various celebrities using thousands of wooden pins, lit just right to bring into view the faces of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Johnny Depp, Steve McQueen, and others.

Each of the chosen celebrities dons a pair of sunglasses that fits their style, adding to their distinction. It must have been an arduous process to not only capture each likeness but adorn it with just the right pair of shades, but Karlberg’s efforts yielded beautiful results with a fun, stylish theme.

Jackie Onassis

John Belushi

Johnny Depp

Karl Lagerfeld

Steve McQueen

Lady Gaga

[via Designboom]