People Are Now Making Resumes Entirely Out Of GIFs

One aspiring adman is animating his work experience.

Making a professional-yet-creative resume that sticks in employers' heads is an artform in and of itself. How do you style it so it's not too flashy, but also not forgettable? Ecuadorian art director and designer Ivan Basurto may have the answer with his GIF resume, an innovative alternative to an otherwise-boring medium. Rather than bullet-points and references, the entire resume is made from, well, GIFs. 

Basurto has his skills, education, and the works listed—but dancing across his Tumblr in a way that demands your attention. He hopes his animated resume will get him a job at a creative ad agency like Mayo DraftFCB in Peru or Ogilvy Brazil, but is most interested in companies that go “beyond the brief,” to put people first. Eventually, he’d like to be a creative director. 

As of this writing, Basurto hasn’t received any serious offers. But we have high hopes: as any avid Internet person know, GIFs make the world go round. We’d rather read an animated resume than a stagnant, black-and-white one any day. Who knows, maybe all resumes will be kinetic in the future. At least then there'd be some differentiation among the chaff. 

See the whole thing here: http://thegifresume.tumblr.com/


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