PBS Off Book Shows Us The Magic Of Creative Coding

<p>The web series delves into a world of artistic programming.</p>

In its quest to bring to light cutting edge contemporary artforms, today PBS’s Off Book series took on the wild world of creative coding. Encapsulating the burgeoning but expansive culture into a six-minute crash course, we hear from NYU’s Daniel Shiffman advocating for the intuitive “learning by doing” ideology behind Processing, followed by Barbarian’s Keith Butters, who helped develop Cinder, which gave birth to such ubiquitous products of creative coding as the iTunes visualizer.

Finally, James George and Jonathan Minard explain openFrameworks and their RGB+D Toolkit, which applies creative coding to the discipline of filmmaking in a new age. They’re using these new tools to visualize us the way we perceive ourselves today—as digital entities, avatars that represent a virtual form of ourselves. Included in the Off Book piece are a few grabs from their forthcoming film CLOUDS, currently in production.

In fact, the CLOUDS Kickstarter project is just shy of its goal, so if the episode above strikes a chord with you and you want to support this type of art, you can show them some love here. Watch their documentary trailer below to see the future of filmmaking that you’ll help fund.