Paw-Droppingly Beautiful Animations Reimagine Your Favorite Internet Cats

Richard Swarbick's ‘The Cats of YouTube’ reinterprets LOLcats fodder with watercolors and dazzling animation.

It’s no secret that the Internet is in love—scratch that, obsessed—with cat videos. From moody cats capturing our Monday morning grumps to derp-tastic delights eclipsing our own awkwardness, we Internet folk love to see our own humanity reflected in feline form. In a serene, surreal short called ‘The Cats of YouTube,' animator Richard Swarbrick captures a different side of the Internet cat video.

Set to the ephemeral ‘Kirrilee’ by Empathy Test, Swarbrick and his animation team make even the most accident-prone cats seem pawsitively meowjestic. Whether skateboarding, cuddling, or being inexplicably drawn to boxes, every cat Swarbrick paints looks like a being worthy of ancient Egyptian prayers.

‘The Cats of YouTube’ is an intricate, watercolor stop-motion love letter to the feline species. These kinds of out-of-the-box stop-motion pieces are Swarbrick’s signature style. He is also responsible for a stirring tribute to Dr. Who and a tongue-in-cheek pocket change animation for the China Rats song N.O.M.O.N.E.Y.

Just when cat videos were beginning to get a bit stale, this re’fur’reshing look at the Internet’s first love is just what the doctor ordered.